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The use of eggs prevents the development of stroke

Употребление яиц препятствует развитию инсультаDoctors advise to eat one egg a day

Eggs – one of the most healthy components of the diet: in moderation they show a positive effect in almost any form. But as it turned out, the scientists, the use of eggs prevents even the development of stroke.

American researchers from the Institute EpidStat in Ann arbor, recommend to eat daily, one chicken egg – this habit, according to them, leads to the improvement of the blood vessels of the brain and thereby protects a person from stroke. In favor of this assertion is indicated by the data of 30-year observations, covering 300 thousand people.

“Eating at least one egg a day significantly strengthens the body and helps to increase life expectancy”, – summarized in the final project the authors.In particular, they found that the use of a chicken egg a day reduces the risk of stroke by 12%. In addition, as shown by obtained when observing the numbers, in people who regularly eat eggs, lower the likelihood of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

The study allowed the researchers to say that a chicken egg is the best source of protein for the body –well digestible and perfectly balanced from the point of view of nutrient content. Egg protein has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, experts noted.

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