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The Ural students on the ruler showed the performance of prison special troops with bludgeons

Уральским школьникам на линейке показали выступление тюремного спецназа с дубинками

In management of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) in the Chelyabinsk region, commented on media reports that the school N21 of the city of Zlatoust children during the celebration demonstrated the ability of officers to suppress riot or demonstration using non-lethal weapons.

In the prison Department confirmed that the correctional colony # 25 (IK-25) did arrange for demonstrations for students of the cadet class of school N21 of the city of Zlatoust, TASS reports. Moreover, the security forces raided the school “at the invitation of the leadership of the institution”.


According to the representative of the Federal penitentiary service, the cadets demonstrated “the actions of rapid response teams in emergency situations.” The office believed that the dramatization with the suppression of prison riot will help children to find their place in life and to choose a profession. “The graduates of such classes often connect their future life with service in power structures”, – noted in the office of the Federal penitentiary service.

In a press-service of administration of the Chrysostom added that the IR-25 is a patron of the school. In addition, the dedication to the cadet school always invites the various “social partners,” including the Cossacks and the staff of the Ministry. This time, sponsorship assistance was provided by the IR-25, which was represented by the service employees physical protection, added city officials.

The scandal erupted after local television showed a report about a school holiday. In it a group of commandos in helmets, riot gear, with shields and batons comes with line on the imaginary enemy in the gym.

“Stick on top, hit! Stick from the bottom, take it!” – shouted the commander, and the soldiers carried out the order, methodically beating the fictional troublemakers. Along the perimeter of the gym lined up in rows, the students who watched this action. Judging by their appearance, performances jailers saw not only the cadets but juniors, including girls.


At the same cadet class at the school created under the auspices of the Ministry of emergency situations, and why was it invited the employees of the FSIN, it is not clear, perplexed editors


As reported by the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of region Olga Mukhamediarova, many parents learned about what children dedicated to the cadets, after a report on local television, as the event parents are not invited.

One of the women that are members of the parent Committee of the school, and complained of current MP from the faction “Fair Russia” Olga Muhamediyarova.

“The whole country is discussing in Tatarstan, the police worked the dispersal of the rally on the students. Chelyabinsk oblast also scored. In Zlatoust school N21 to the fifth graders on the dedication to the cadets invited fighters of the Federal penitentiary service. Believe that the demonstration of methods of physical influence on the citizens has nothing to do with the upbringing of patriotism and love to Motherland”, – said Olga Muhamediyarova.

In her opinion, such “performances” can not show people with unstable mentality, including children. “Against the background of positive activities I was very touched by the presence of these security forces, because in 12 years, the psyche of children still not stable. Where is the guarantee that they will not broadcast what they saw in their peers? Organize the checking, we would need to look,” said Olga Muhamediyarova.


Even more egregious example, which was mentioned by the Deputy occurred in tukayevsky district of Tatarstan. There are ninth-graders attracted to the “tactical and parade exercises,” in coordination with the school administration, which has described it as “career guidance”. Children were supposed to represent the offenders and where participants in unsanctioned rally and the security forces they practiced techniques to neutralize the troublemakers.

One student said that the police were used to the ninth power moves: himself “very hard to put”, “turned and pointed his face in the snow.” “Others were thrown through the thigh, many threw through a hip, me and one rubbed my face in the snow, very hard. My friend scratched, he cut himself on the boards, I was left with bruise on arm, bruise on the knee, plus a large bump on the head,” said the student. He confirmed that students were not warned about the teachings and after school Director just put teenagers in fact.




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