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The universe is inside a giant black hole – scientists

Вселенная находится внутри огромной черной дыры, - ученыеScientists are also unable to give a definite answer to what are black holes within the Universe.

In science, they say that they should be called regions with the curvature of space and time.

Independent experts are confident that this is the entrance to other worlds, and some even claim that there is a hole inside a black funnel huge size.

Most likely, this opinion may seem a fiction and something out of science fiction, however, if we take into account the fact ratio of the density of a black hole to its mass, then categorically dismiss all these theories are certainly not worth it.
As you know, black holes have an incredibly low density.

For example, the density of the, which is located in the center of the milky Way galaxy is much lower in density than any water mass on Earth, and the supermassive crater that is located in the galaxy NGC 4889 does not even have the parameters of a density comparable to air. From this the conclusion that the bigger the size of the black hole, the less the characteristics of its density.

According to available information, the ratio of the gravitation of the Universe and its density are not exclusive characteristics to be able being inside it as a colossal supermassive black hole, the likes of which science still couldn’t learn. The scientific world on this hypothesis reacted very skeptical, saying that while nothing officially has not indicated on these guesses.

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