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The Taliban has better weaponry from Russia. Video

Движение Талибан получило улучшенное вооружение от РФ. ВидеоThe Taliban themselves admit to contacts with the Russians.

The Afghan Taliban has better weaponry, which, apparently, was delivered by the Russian government.

According to an exclusive video obtained by CNN, it has added weight to accusations by Afghan and us officials that Moscow is arming the Taliban in the war-torn country.

Two videos with scenes from the battlefield reveal a sniper rifle, modification of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and heavy machine guns, which, according to weapons experts, are deprived of any means to determine their origin.

Two separate groups of Taliban in the North and in the West claim to own weapons that, according to them, was originally provided by the sources of the Russian government.

One group of Taliban near the town of Herat (North-West) said that they received weapons after defeating main rival group of the Taliban.

Another group said that they received free weapons across the border with Tajikistan and that they were given “Russian”.

The videos do not give conclusive evidence of trade, participation in which Moscow categorically denies. However, they offer some of the first evidence from the field about the flow of weapons, which the Afghan and American governments are deeply concerned.

“The Russians have said that contact with the Taliban, we have a lot of other posts from other people that they are arming the Taliban … there is no smoke without fire,” – said the representative of the government of Afghanistan Sedik Sedici.

The Russian foreign Ministry refused to comment, but has previously called such statements “completely false” and that they designed to hide the failure of USA in Afghanistan.

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