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The system of “smart house” to prevent domestic violence

Система «умный дом» предотвратила домашнее насилиеThe County Sheriff said that “new technology has saved the lives of” women

In early July, state police in new Mexico said that “the device is for smart home the” accidentally prevent domestic violence and rescued the woman and her daughter 28-year-old Eduardo Barros (Eduardo Barros).

According to the report, “smart” column in the house took his question, whether they cause the police, as the voice command and called 911.

Arrived on the scene a SWAT team detained the Barossa, and the County Sheriff said that “new technology saved the life of” the woman.

But the story has sparked many questions about whether a virtual assistant to call emergency services and to do so without a special phrase handling.

Employees of the Sheriff’s office in the County of Bernalillo received a call from the victim at 22:00 local time. When giving evidence the woman said connected to a stereo column responded to the cry of the Barros “Did you call the sheriffs?” (“You called the sheriffs/cops?”), then really started to call the Sheriff. She room gained.

In the records of the 911 call you can hear a woman screaming “Alexa, call 911”, because of that, the police came to the conclusion that we are talking about virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon. While initially in the report, they called the column Google Home, but a few hours later issued a retraction.

Police did not specify what kind of device from Amazon was in the house. The company has released several models Alexa, including Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Amazon Echo and Dot Show.

Press Secretary of the Sheriff’s office Felicia Romero (Felicia Romero) admitted that employees “are not particularly tech-savvy” and could something be wrong. In reports they called the Alexis device, the Google Smart Radio. Also, the police did not take pictures in the apartment of Barros, with which it would be possible to identify the column.

Google announced that the Google Home speakers do not support calls. This feature was announced at its I/O conference, but still didn’t show up in devices. Later Amazon representatives reported that none of the versions Echo could not call police 911, because it is technically impossible.

Despite the interest in the story, police in new Mexico said that it would not further investigate which device made the call and exactly how it’s done.

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