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The sun is the greatest mystery of our solar system

Солнце — величайшая загадка нашей звездной системы

As once said by the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, we live on an unremarkable planet orbiting an unremarkable star. However, we have a chance to know the Universe. This busy NASA engineers. Remember the Parker apparatus Solar Probe, which goes straight to the Sun? At the moment the probe is at a distance of 24 million kilometers from the Sun, closer than mercury. In future, the apparatus will go through the outer atmosphere of a star to be exposed to temperatures exceeding 1 million degrees Celsius. Despite the fact that the journey of the probe only lasts a year, the data shared with researchers, were amazing. Scientists say that the probe was the first to consider our home a star from such a close distance.

Солнце — величайшая загадка нашей звездной системы

The researchers rightly believe in the mission of the unit most difficult in the history of space exploration

Researchers from NASA published the first results based on data obtained from the probe Parker in early December. According to the first four works, which are published in the journal Nature, the solar corona unleashes powerful streams of energetic particles known as the solar wind, which can be observed throughout the solar system, far beyond Pluto. Data show that the solar wind is much more turbulent near the Sun than in the vicinity of our planet at a distance of tens of millions of kilometers. The researchers also found that changes in the solar magnetic field accelerate “flowing” from the Sun particles are much faster than predicted by any of their models. Moreover, near the surface of the star, its magnetic field rotates 180 degrees, thereby stimulating the solar wind to record speeds.

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Noteworthy is the fact that researchers would be unable to obtain such detailed data by studying the star from the planet’s surface. Gradually approaching the Sun, Parker makes the most complex robotic space exploration in the history, because if you think about it, to reach the Sun much more difficult than to leave the star system. Recall that earlier this year we told you about the record of the space probe of NASA. Hopefully in the future these findings will help researchers better understand how the life cycle of the Sun, and the evolution of stars.

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