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The situation in the Saratov region

Ситуация в Саратовской области

Oddly enough, in the “era of stability” in the Saratov region there are enterprises with wage arrears.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Saratov region found that on three enterprises of the region employees are not paid a salary.
According to prosecutors, the debts to employees on wages have the JSC “Saratov Institute of glass”, JSC “Trolza” and sue “Caregivermessage”. The Ministry added that the facts violate human rights on a timely wage.
Thus, the Institute of glass owed 474 employees for the month of January seven million rubles, of the Engels trolleybus plant has not paid 126 staff 2.9 million in November last year. A slightly smaller debt — to 1.6 million rubles — a front of 76 employees has “Caregivermessage”.
The Prosecutor of the area Sergey Filipenko has declared to officials of the companies warning about the inadmissibility of further violations of labor legislation and the possibility of attracting them to criminal liability in the event of further violations.
Now the question of the observance of labour rights of citizens is under constant control of the regional Prosecutor.
Last year, a problematic Engels factory “Trolza” already came into the view of the media and oversight bodies because of debts on a salary. To do this, “Trolza” was in a year idle, accompanied by massive layoffs. In December, the investor company “Transmashholding” has started to extinguish debts before workers of the enterprise. [1]

Rose plant SEPO (Saratov elektroagregat production Association), founded on 14 may 1939, a leader of the Russian aggregates production is one of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of electronic and electrotechnical products used in various sectors of the economy. During the years of development, the company has grown from producing unique aircraft magneto to complex multifunctional control systems and electronic controllers for aircraft engines of all modern aircraft and helicopters such as SU, MIG, MI, KA, an-124 “Ruslan”, an-225, Mriya, IL-86, IL-96-300, TU-204, YAK-42 and others.

In the Saratov regional Duma discussed the situation at the plant SEPO on 18 February halted production of refrigerators. “I ask you to clarify: not shutting down production, and preservation”, — hastened to declare the beginning of the meeting, the company CEO Eugene Reznik. According to him, even in Soviet times the production of refrigeration has never been cost effective, so consumer goods are always produced in the factories of the military complex.

Since 1991, the production of “subjected to stagnation.” Resnick cited the example of several enterprises in the former Soviet Union, which was closed. “The last straw that broke the camel’s back, it was the policy of the Krasnoyarsk plant. The chinks… the Chinese have copied our model, agreed with Krasnoyarsk and hang your label,” he said. As told the head of the plant in 2017 has been produced 126 thousand refrigerators, and sold 120 thousand, in 2018, it produced 120 thousand, and sold 114 million, and in 2019 — 80 and 74 thousand respectively. The money earned on the state defense order, has always covered the cost of production of refrigerators. So, in 2017, the loss of production was 26.6% in the 18 to 34.5%, and in 19 of 34.3%. However, in 2019 was reduced by 37% of the state defense order, running SEPO-ZEM: “We are servant of seven masters. We tied up all the air forces, missile defense, various weapons, missiles, we are seriously tied with car troops, armored vehicles, naval and submarine fleet. We are the exclusive manufacturer of electronic control systems”. Is 640 products for military use. Last year the drop in sales of refrigeration equipment by 15%, and in 2020 projected 20%. “You can imagine how downhill our refrigerator,” concluded Reznik.
In the end, it was decided on the annual conservation production of “withdrawal excessive size” in the 663 people. In 2019 was reduced 200 employees. About 1 thousand employees of the plant — persons of retirement age, so taking steps to “bring them to deserved rest,” is working to transfer workers to other businesses, said Resnick. From June 1 the company will remain 2,8-2,9 thousand people who will work in the defense industry. “The refrigerator market is really Packed. But brands shows that most are in joint production. If you do the analysis on a refrigerator “Saratov”, we can see that the line is in two times less. Cheaper, but not much,” said Deputy Alexei Antonov. However, according to him, refrigerators “Saratov” is the brand of the region in the post-Soviet space. He suggested the use of temporary preservation of production to “shoot next year”.
Reznik disagreed with the opinion and said that to date, the company fully satisfied the needs of dealers and buyers. Entire lineup of 27 models. “It just seems that the fridge is a simple product,” he said. “I, as a consumer, your refrigerator can’t buy. It is obsolete for 20 years. These are refrigerators “Saratov” as tanks. There are no such modern filling with plastic that is pleasant to take in hand. Tell the truth: we’re a little”, — the Deputy-Communist Alexander Naraevskiy. “I’ll tell the truth: the refrigerator Saratov — the best refrigerator in the world” — with a smile said Resnick, adding that his own house is a 2 seater the fridge. The dismissive tone did not like the other members of the Communist party, which was a verbal sparring. “Why is your refrigerator not buy?!”, asked the parliamentarian Alexander Anidalov. “Because the people poorer! Open your eyes,” retorted Resnick. [2]

In addition, it became known about three enterprises that are experiencing difficulties.

In the region cut power down to nursing three companies. The first made a loud statement “the Saratov dairy industrial complex”. The story almost ridiculed, rather, the Ministry of economic development tried to refute that statement. And along with it – and the Ministry of agriculture. The attitude to this story is very revealing in news Agency “Public opinion”: “Today the Deputy from “United Russia” Ivan dziuban announced to colleagues that from the region is leaving the company “White valley”. “As the “White valley” go?” — surprised those present. Dzuban said Yes, leaving. “What! “the White valley”?” — he doubted someone. “Well, not the “White valley” and… there is a company in Engels?” — confused dziuban. “Yes, what “White valley”, which Engels? Saratov dairy plant leaves,” — said the Deputy. Nikolay Semenets asked the Minister whether it is true that the SMK leaves the region. He read it in
Media. “Yes, there was such a publication one in the media. I think of the Saratov dairy plant there is no reason for it” — quoted journalists Minister Tatyana Kravtsev.

However, after the announcement of the closure of even one company was not amused. In Saratov closed and a tobacco factory. With the company’s management met the Minister of industry and energy of the region Andrey Kulikov. “The head of the company Andrey Abramov said that the decision was dictated by purely economic causes, including an annual reduction in the consumption of tobacco products in Russia 7-8%, the underutilization of production capacity at both sites. According to him, production at the Saratov factory will be fully operational at least in the first half of 2019, and then begin a gradual transfer of production facilities to St. Petersburg. Finally, the production is scheduled to close in December of next year. Representative of the regional government assured that the layoffs the company has not planned: the most part of the working staff will be offered employment within the holding. All social guarantees to the employees are met”.
The question about the future of the industrial site in the city centre are expected to be resolved within the framework of visit of Plenipotentiary representatives of “BAT Russia” in Saratov, said Andrei Kulikov,” writes IA “Sarbc”. IA “Look-info” adds to the region’s leadership encourages not to lose heart…. “And what are the economic consequences? Are you talking about asking me that right now? Tobacco factory was paying excise duty to the Federal budget. Everything we always wanted and put the question where it is necessary in the tax system, to ensure that this tax is split and part of it went to the regional budget, but this is not all left in the Federal budget, — quotes the media the review of the Governor Valery Radaev. — And all that is true, perhaps, of social guarantees for the people who worked there, that we will speak with the leadership of the factory — yet we still do not know how will this event take place, but the Ministry of industry and other ministries that you want, they hold this question on control”.

And finally, the third enterprise, the closure of which became known last week – “the Balakovsky passenger motor transportation enterprise”. The reduction will 123 employee, said the Agency “Free news”, and rolling stock plant would be transferred to the “Balakovskaya”. “If you want to make some noise, participate in actions, some sort of protests for God’s sake. Here’s the street. Square posters – for God’s sake. Political parties, I think, is ready to participate in this circus. If there are any real problems and need to solve them – come here. Problems can be solved here”, — said the Deputy head of the Balakovo district Pavel Grechukhin to employees of the enterprise. But such “valuable human resources”, as the former Minister Natalia Sokolova (she started it and finish the review) is a completely different attitude. It became known that thundered all over the country the Minister was not fired – she left voluntarily. It follows from
decrees published on the official legal portal of the region, said the IG, “the Fourth power”. The document says that Sokolov was dismissed on 12 October, the “own initiative” on the basis of paragraph 3 of article 77 of the Labour code, continues the media. Apparently, with preservation of all benefits and payments, I want to add. [3]

And now to the General issues that clearly show the results of economic activities at the beginning of this year.

Saratov in the first quarter of this year showed average level of quality of life among the 75 cities of Russia. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
In the ranking of the participated cities with population over 250 thousand people. Each of them was evaluated according to several criteria: the conflict of the social environment – household crime, tensions in the financial market, the willingness to sue for various reasons, the income level of citizens, the willingness to leave their city in the coming years, and the interest of the population to cultural values. According to the research, Saratov was in a list of cities with high levels of social tension. With him appeared in the list of Omsk, Irkutsk, Ufa, Simferopol and others.
All regional center scored 64 points out of a possible 100. It is located in the third quarter of the rating together with the cities that have the same number of points: Tomsk, Krasnodar, Penza, Kirov and Omsk.
The ranking is led St. Petersburg with 100 points, Moscow (91 points) and Yaroslavl (79 points). [4]

Since the results are low, the growing social tension. Will she find expression in anything other than a correspondence indignation, time will tell.
Back to the topical agenda.

In less than a week – from 13 to 16 April in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus and severe consequences of the pandemic for the regional economy in the Saratov region considered unemployed 1 116 people.
Such information IA “Look-info” provided the sources in the regional offices of the RPF, the social insurance Fund, the employment centers.
It is noteworthy that the vast majority of them — 783 persons, or 70% quit on their own.
In addition, by agreement of the parties dismissed 145 people (13%), in connection with the termination of the contract or employment agreement — 66 (6%), due to the liquidation of the organization or downsizing — 54 (5%), other reasons (military service, release from ITU, refusal of transfer to another job, absenteeism) — 11 people and as many previously engaged in entrepreneurial activities.
According to the number of citizens recognized as unemployed over the period leading Saratov – 395 people, followed by vol – 137, Engels – 105, Balakovo — 64, Balashov – 38 and Marksovsky areas – 37.
For example, the sanatorium “Svetlana” by agreement of the parties took 40 workers.
From the sanatorium “Pads” voluntarily resigned 19 people.
With the same formulations dismissed employees of LLC “Department Wolski” (8 persons), SP Nikishaev V. V. (8), OOO “Agrotorg” (7), sanatorium “Blue bird” (6), JSC “Saratov – Kholod PLYUS” (5) and the Bank “Russian standard” (5). [5]

Which means, often, the formulation “at own will”, we know.

As you can see from the news business in the Saratov region only become worse. One after another closed large and medium-sized enterprises (small I generally keep quiet, no one even believes), many experience difficulty. Recent events in our country have worsened the already bleak situation in the region.
Maybe it’s time to stop hoping that capitalism will ever come to a happy life?
Only under socialism, factories would begin to be built and open, and not to stop its activities in convulsions, without any support from the state.

Only under socialism the right to work is a real, not declarative, allowing workers to look to the future, head held high.

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