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The probability to get behind the tossing of the drug should sharply increase

Вероятность сесть за подбрасывание наркотиков должна резко повыситься

The front support of Ivan Golunova expanding. And it’s very good. Here, RBC today, “Vedomosti” and “Kommersant” published a common editorial in support of Golunova. And it’s great. Those who, as it seemed a week ago, all went to different sides of the fence, suddenly again found themselves on the same. And that’s fine, you shouldn’t grumble: where were you yesterday and how so?

But. Ivan Golunov only one person out of many of those at risk of prison or who sits for the planted drugs. Including those they were planted in retaliation for their professional activities and for political reasons.

Unlikely to go to picket for them all, and that means they will continue to sit in prison. But there is a way to restrict to create a barrier against this evil. It is exactly the same as with election fraud. There is a simple and effective way to eliminate them: to do this, 10-20 specific artists of fraud (those who with their own hands throws newsletters and falsificare protocols) needs to go to jail. Then the potential costs of fraud will increase so that the organization will be too complex and costly.

Exactly and this law enforcement — gang- tossing drugs. Likely to go to jail for that law enforcement officials should sharply increase, then the system of earnings on this banditry will be jeopardized.

Therefore, along with the still valid slogan “Freedom for Ivan Golunov” is no less relevant and more advanced: “I Demand the trial of drug security forces.”

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