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The priests complain that when you quarantine them continue to demand the transfer of the Patriarchate

Священники сетуют, что при карантине от них продолжают требовать перечисления денег патриархии

In provincial parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church growing protests because of the need to continue the transfer of payments to the Patriarchate, said archdeacon Andrei Kuraev. As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the income of parishes dropped, but the “center” continues to require the transfer of money.

Andrey Kuraev considers that the open letter to the Patriarch on behalf of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Samara to protest is genuine. “It’s not that in the Samara region some kind of anomaly. On condition of anonymity, we are all courageous,” he said.

Kuraev said that the provincial priests waiting for “indulgences”, but they are not. “Even in Moscow, in the Patriarchal region, parishes yet to be announced “tax Amnesty” on the part of the Patriarchate, and I didn’t hear was cancelled payments to the Patriarchy of the provincial dioceses. Thus fiscal policy of the bishops themselves are different. There are about eight cases known to me, when the Bishop was completely abolished all fees for the duration of the quarantine. There are several dozen cases where the Bishop in his diocese halve “plans”. There are instances when they are transferred, reserved in normal times, which will come in the future. But in most cases formally cancel yet. In the best case, calling someone on behalf of the Bishop and verbally said, okay, so be it, make a list half or something… But just to be clear written order — it rarely happens,” — said the archdeacon.

Andrey Kuraev has noticed that the cause of dissatisfaction may be lack of knowledge of simple priests where leaving they collect the money. “The Church budget is non-transparent even for the Church itself. What to spend money the particular bishops that the diocese spends, he spends the Patriarch is a complete black box. We do not know, and this raises the question as to whether it is necessary to enumerate. If you had had the excuse that it is necessary for the maintenance of seminaries, seminarians now dissolved, and therefore this article does not work. The Synodal departments on sustainability and from the Central budget get little. Therefore, the opacity gives rise to confusion and protest,” — said Andrei Kuraev.

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