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The online shop Gearbest has suspended the sale of Xiaomi smartphones

Large online shop Gearbest, popular among Russian consumers and regularly arranged the sale of gadgets, today announced unpleasant news associated with the Russian customs. The illegal actions of the latter led to the suspension of sales of Xiaomi smartphones indefinitely.

From now on and maybe forever, users Gearbest will not be able to buy a smartphone from Xiaomi, because the parcels they were blocked by customs and returned to the sender. The reason is the initiative of the company Smart orange, which is supposedly the official Xiaomi distributor in Russia. Utilizing definitely illegal scheme, she lobbied for a ban on the import of Xiaomi smartphones ordered by the ordinary people for personal use into the country, thus willing themselves to implement these devices.

Of course, Smart orange wants to sell them for a large profit, and in some cases the difference in price compared to the one that offers Gearbest, can reach 10 000. We again emphasize that the actions of Smart orange contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation, so that in response to these actions that violate our rights, everyone can boycott the products of Xiaomi as long as this stupid ban will not be lifted, not to enrich these people out of your own pocket. Gearbest example probably soon followed by other trading platforms, so sales of Xiaomi in Russia here-here will fall sharply and it will certainly start to take action beneficial to end consumers, that is us.

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