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The “Nightmare on elm street” could appear crazy prequel

On eBay suddenly surfaced the script, written by actor John Saxon in 1987 for the film series “a Nightmare on elm street”. I could be wrong, but I think to this day about the existence of this text known to the General public was not.

And a very good reason.

The story could be a powerful, bold, and even topical. However, either the author didn’t show anyone your script, or someone at the Studio got scared of Saxon’s ideas, because this film could make viewers to take another look at the iconic villain Freddy.

By the way, John Saxon had the most direct relation to the franchise: in the first “Nightmare on elm street” he played Lieutenant Donald Thompson, Nancy’s father, and then returned to this role in “dream Warriors” in 1987. Yes, his script is dated to the same time.

We have just a few photos from pages of text, but it is possible to understand many things.

The picture should have been called “How did Nightmare on elm street” (How the Nightmare on Elm Street All Began), and the events of the film would develop in 1969, long before the story of the first film. Nancy Thompson — just a little girl, she is five years old. She has a half older sister Betsy Thompson (another version — melody), fascinated by the hippie movement. At some point conservative father decides to Bang his fist on the table and takes the daughter of hippy communities, and then assigns to the therapist. Meanwhile, Donald to investigate the murder of a boy who was “stabbed through a certain subject that many RAS at once.” Well, you know…

And just try to guess the name of the therapist that Donald Thompson took her daughter?

…Mr. Krueger, a young, sensitive, bookish intellectual who wears red-and-green sweater…

Betsy killed. Who? Well, obviously, it, Freddy Krueger… So?

The evidence against him insufficient, then angry parents take justice into their own hands. They want to knock out young Frederick Krueger recognition, but this is getting out of control and turns into a lynching. Kruger beaten and then executed in the flames. Shortly after this incident, little Nancy starts having nightmares with charred demon in a familiar sweater in red and green stripes.

Get ready now!

Actually Freddy did not kill those kids. He was an innocent victim of the mob, thirsting for violence. That is why Kruger can’t calm down and returns in dreams to again and again to punish his executioners, taking away their favorite children.

This fertile topic briefly touched on in the remake of “Nightmare on elm street” in 2010, but to play the card is still not decided. And maybe in vain. However, let’s forget this movie and empty back to the point, “How did Nightmare on elm street”.

So, who killed poor little guys, if Freddy was innocent? Charles Manson, that’s who! Well, not him personally but his fans from the community, reminiscent of the famous Manson Family and inspired by his ideas. Ordinary people could easily confuse a harmless hippie commune with such a sect maniac that would happen in the film.

Well, how? In my opinion, much. The Manson family is really committed a series of brutal murders in 1969, and the echo from them for a long time ayalas in the United States.

I’m really sorry that we have not seen this movie. For example, instead of “Freddy’s dead” in 1991, eh? I would go on such a victim. And you?

By the way, the script by John Hexane on eBay already bought. His fate is unknown.

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