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The national team of Ukraine on hockey has conceded to poles

Сборная Украины по хоккею уступила полякамTeam Alexander Savitsky in the penalty shootout the team lost to Poland in the framework of Eurochallenge.

The poles from the first seconds rushed to the gate of Ukraine and soon succeeded. Have 65 seconds of the goalkeeper Zakharchenko did not cope with not the most difficult shot Urbanovich. At the end of the period the poles went into the lead – most of the owners of the ice after a prolonged attack efforts Wajda doubled their advantage.

In the second period, the Ukrainians failed to move the game from their gates. Zakharchenko was regularly entered in the game and on 27 minutes, did not allow the poles to close the question about the winner of the match, parried a bullet from Kapitza.

Soon the “blue-yellow” still went on the attack and earned the most. On 31 minutes, Shamil Ramazanov flip of the wrist sent the rubber disk into the net.

In the final period, the initiative finally passed to the national team of Ukraine. One of the highlights guests were unable to score in the double majority, but in equal structures have held equi-effective attack. Shafarenko did everything for Zakharov, who threw in an unprotected gate.

During the overtime the two Ukrainians failed to convert the majority, for which he was punished in the penalty shootout. The only and the winning shot was organized by Patrick Wronka.

For a draw in regulation time, the Ukraine national team earned one point, which allows “blue-yellow” share the first place with the team of Slovenia, which later will play with Italy.

Poland — Ukraine 3:2 in shootouts (2:0, 0:1, 0:1, 0:0)

Washers: 01:05 Urbanowicz — 1:0; 16:07 Wajda (the majority) — 2:0; 31:17 Ramazanov (the majority) — 2:1; 47:14 Zakharov— 2:2

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