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The invention of the Russian resident to protect the world from the virus

Изобретение российского жителя защитит мир от вируса

Epidemic coronaviruses in China, led to a huge shortage of means of individual protection.

Banal drugstore masks are sold in ten more, and their gone.

But this is one side of the issue, gauze and similar masks do not have adequate protection from the virus.

Riazan, entrepreneur, Eduard Novikov just took advantage of the situation, but also developed his own version of virus protection.

The company has already signed contracts with China worth millions of dollars.

We found out the details first hand.


Corr.-Edward, and what the novelty of your remedies from the virus and how long you were going to the millions of contracts?


E. N.- Probably going to surprise you, but until last month, I haven’t dealt with this topic. Initially, as an entrepreneur, I’m just interested in the ability to organize logistics and to resell the usual masks which are on the Russian pharmaceutical warehouse in China. Good price in China on them, jumped 10 times.


But as a person having a medical education, I also think that it is possible to offer besides how to stop the spread of the epidemic.


As a result, with partners, we found two options.


The first is to make a mask from a material containing silver, and thereby to destroy the virus before the hit in the respiratory tract.


We didn’t even have to look for manufacturers of this material. In Ryazan there is a large chemical and oil production, which as filters and catalysts use similar fabrics and they have tons remain trim that go to the dump, we don’t even bought, and just took the waste, freeing enterprises from the problem of disposal.

It remains only to cut out and sew, but this process has long been automated, can produce hundreds of thousands of products.


We contacted the Chinese representative of the chamber of Commerce, has provided samples for testing and after they were convinced of their effectiveness, suggestions poured from a cornucopia.


Corr.-And you had time to patent his invention?


E. N.-We even tried to patent the method, it takes months, and the patent will not provide protection against counterfeiting.

In business, the main thing to be first, to us it is enough that we have time to earn.

And in General I am opposed to the invention which can save lives, were being patented.


Q. It’s good! And what is the essence of the second invention.


E. N. — The second type of mask is somewhat more complicated, but the mask is reusable but.


Our defense industry makes carbon fiber and carbon, in addition to that, this fabric has great absorption capacity, it also elektroprovodka and consists of fine carbon needles. when applying for that weak potential can cause corona discharge and, depending on positive or negative we can create a barrier of negative or positive ions. It is the destruction of viruses and microbes are not even on a chemical level, and the energy, that is, we change the course of all processes in them, make them impossible. At the same time coronarie discharges also create ozone which destroys all! pathogenic environment.


But here there are subtleties. while I’m not going to reveal our know-how.

Изобретение российского жителя защитит мир от вируса

Eduard Novikov photo


With all the uniqueness, the cost of such masks will be slightly more expensive than usual and again, it will be a lot of one-off masks that can be washed and continue to use further.


The only thing to sell abroad the finished product we can not, as such fabrics are dual-use products, that is used in the military industry.


But the Chinese, long ago themselves produce such materials, we sell them our technology.


Q. — Not a modest question.Many had to invest? On that plan to spend millions?


E. N. Well, the millions while in transit, at the moment, while only millions of contracts. Spend on yachts and football clubs! Just kidding of course. to spend there is always somewhere and not just ourselves.

Part of the funds will be spent on the development of Cossacks in Ryazan Russia. I’m an active supporter of the revival of the Cossacks as a people which is unthinkable without Russia!


About investing – no not invested a penny, all oganesovna due to the logistics and business processes.


Q. Suddenly! It turns out the Chinese will help us to revive the Cossacks?


E. N. -No. can revive only ourselves, but the money earned from the Chinese and not only them. Thanks, Cossack wit and mind! It would be more accurate!


Q. Edward, thank You very much for your time. I wish You success in everything!

when number was imposed:

On 29 January the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with heads of the health system, for the prevention of coronavirus. “Now our challenge is to make everything that we have anything like that (as in China — approx. ed.) was not. This is a new phenomenon, and the question is how ready we are for this call”, — said the head of Russia.


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