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The future for pipes of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite

Будущее за трубами из высокопрочного чугуна с шаровидным графитом

The technological revolution of the twentieth century was not spared and the topic of new materials for pipes. To the well-known iron, steel, clay and wood were added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), fiberglass (SP), asbestos cement, etc.


It is precisely the variety of polymer pipe materials, the simplicity and speed of manufacture, low cost of raw materials, energy and labor made it possible in the 50-80-ies of XX century quickly establish the production of such products.

This allowed to solve the issues of water supply and sanitation in rapidly growing cities and industrial regions around the world. However, when the direct costs of these industries began to rise, and supplies of clean water shrink, more and more clearly delineated the problem of creating such water supply networks, which would allow the period of operation, if appropriate the cost of construction, minimal operating costs and minimal losses to deliver the water to the consumer.

In Europe, after careful economic and technical advice, decided on the establishment in addition to existing production units for the manufacture of pipes and fittings of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite (ductile iron).

This alloy is produced from ordinary cast iron by special processing of magnesium and adding some other additives. Application of the method of centrifugal casting for the production of pipes gave the opportunity to improve and accelerate the process of production. So why you can say that such well-known material, such as cast iron, has acquired new and unique properties? Firstly, solved the problem of fragility. The material was stretchy and very durable. Second, the material has retained its traditional qualities, among which the main one is corrosion resistance, preserving the performance of the system for many years.

Another very important property of products of ductile iron is the constancy of characteristics in time, in other words, this material, unlike the material on an organic basis, are not subject to aging. The combination of these properties and makes ductile iron is really a unique material, which has found the widest application in the construction of engineering networks for water supply and sanitation in all climatic zones and under all temperature regimes, ranging from the tundra of Finland and Canada to the deserts of Africa, and Australia.

Будущее за трубами из высокопрочного чугуна с шаровидным графитомAnother feature of the flare pipe joints from ductile iron, which makes them the most versatile for all-round applications, is design the so-called reinforced compounds. They represent a number of original structural solutions of such compounds. Reinforced compounds find wide application in those cases when there is no possibility of the use of thrust blocks made of concrete (this is very important in the cramped conditions of urban development), when there is need of laying pipeline in difficult geological conditions (strong slopes, swamps, crossings of water obstacles, etc.), as well as other tasks (horizontal directional drilling, the operation of the system with a working pressure up to 100 bar, etc.).

Given the application of various protective coatings and traditional high corrosion resistance of cast iron, it is possible to speak about the phenomenal life of such networks. And practice of world and domestic construction of engineering networks proves it. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the pipeline of ductile iron is impermeable. This ensures that the transported fluid will not get any substance from the pipeline surrounding soil. This question becomes relevant in the construction of water supply networks in urbanized and polluted territories. Absolute tightness of the joints eliminates the possibility of leakage of transported fluid, and hence environmental pollution.

From the point of view of sustainability and environmental protection important is the fact that ductile iron is 100% recyclable material, and without any environmental damage.

LTK “Svobodny Sokol” – the only domestic company, which produces pipes of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite. The company – the supplier not only for Russia but also for Europe and Asia.

The main goal of the company is to become a leader on Russian and international markets, releasing high-quality and compliant consumer products, while ensuring environmental and industrial safety of production and safe working conditions.

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