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The following 2 Titanfall update adds co-op for four

Следующее обновление Titanfall 2 добавит кооператив для четверыхUpgrade from “Frontier Defense”, will be released July 25.

Respawn Entertainment continues to update and expand the multiplayer shooter Titanfall 2. The following Supplement will work especially fatty along with it the game will be cooperative for four people.

The mode is called “Frontier defense” and, in fact, repeats the same from Titanfall. You and three of your mates have to defend a harvester against groups of enemies. All will be five waves, each following will be more difficult previous. For the successful defense of the award money that can be spend on additional amplification.

Total developers have prepared five levels of difficulty — easy, normal, hard, master and crazy. The latter, says Respawn will be in the form of individual tiles in place of the chosen mode in the main menu.

The giants will have a new type of pumping — the ranks of Aegis. These grades are earned in the “Defense of the Frontier”. They discover powerful upgrades with which it is possible to successfully defend itself at higher levels of complexity.

Just at the start in the “Defense of the Frontier” is available five cards — Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise and Blackwater Canal. In the future, the authors plan to add in co-op and other locations.

Along with updating in the competitive multiplayer will also be a map of Rise and the “fire” — location Township. In the domestic cosmetics store will start selling luxury skins for weapons. These skins give the chance to receive double experience and faster leveling for you and your allies. Special forms (for the titans) will provide for the “Defence of the Frontier”. They also give a command increase the experience, and even are added together, if the team has other players with a special skin. Please note: special forms for “the Defense of the Frontier” will be sold only until August 28 and then will disappear from the store forever.

Finally, Respawn has produced two more interesting news. First, from 28 to 30 July in multiplayer, Titanfall 2 will be free this weekend. To prepare for it, you can just download the demo version — it will include multiplayer modes these days. Secondly, Respawn promises to talk about the strategy Titanfall Assault — another attempt to bring the franchise to mobile platforms. In some regions this summer will be beta testing.

Upgrade from “Frontier Defense”, will be released July 25. Which means you’ll be able to try out co-op for the free weekend!

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