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The first casualty in a new photo from the set of “Predator”

Recent news about the latest version of the Predator (from The Predator), which takes Shane blackbecomes more and more. Some good, some not so good. For example, we know that the premiere was moved forward six months and the Iron Arnie has refused even a cameo (though may change her mind). It is rather from the category of “alarm signals”. On the other hand, the Director has pleased fans and announced that the Predator will not be through a computer, as is now fashionable. No, the role of alien hunter is to play a living person in a suit with all the bells and whistles. And it’s warm.

Meanwhile, shooting moving, the actors are puffed and sometimes we fly a well-aimed shots photographers directly from the site. While it is impossible to say that these materials are very impressive, but we must take into consideration that we show the semis and in the final stage, the product is sure to be brought to mind. Well, I would like to believe it. Still, the movie is not the past, and therefore expectations are high.

In General, we got some fresh photos from the shoot. There are heroic warriors, big guns and even creepy corpse-mannequin!

The main character, an ex-marine finds evil alien race on Earth, but no one believes him that those things exist. His son is autistic, whom everyone bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the struggle with the Predators, because the boy knows how incredibly quick to learn languages and, apparently, will be able to understand aliens.

Recall that the film stars Boyd Holbrook (“a walk among the tombstones”, “Logan”), Trevante Rhodes (“World wild West”), Olivia Munn (“Deliver us from evil”), Thomas Jane (“the Mist”), Keegan-Michael Key (TV’s “Fargo”), Jacob Tremble (“Somnia”), sterling K. brown (“Supernatural”, “American crime story”), Edward James Olmos (“blade Runner”, “Dexter”), Jake busey (“starship troopers”).

New premiere date: 3 August 2018.

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