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The effectiveness of the exercise equipment, the Soviet Union has challenged

Эффективность спортивных тренажеров СССР подверглась сомнению

The desire to look good and have an athletic figure applies to all people, no matter in what time period they live in. As you know, in Soviet times, people played sports, and many houses were some of the trainers. Of course, in 2019 they look ridiculous and how strange, but experts decided to check whether they were effective.

Some residents of the former Soviet Union, even those that at the time young children are likely to remember these strange simulators, because they were in almost every home. For example, many family bought a treadmill with massager, someone was strips of rubber, and of course known to all the children, even the 90-ies of the disk that had the name “grace” reports All of these tools were used in order to keep the figure in an attractive way and become more healthy.

Experts proved that all the existing types of home exercise equipment that time, was a success. When people used the equipment he was able to give the body relief forms. While almost every citizen in the house was a small gym, no need to waste time walking anywhere and exercise and your body right at home, in your free time. During use each of the equipment it was important to follow the basic rules in order not to harm your health.

Rubber bands

This simulator is very well helped to develop the upper body. He was mainly popular among men. Was developed by special exercises, and offers the necessary sequence so that the session was useful.

The roller press

The manufacturer immediately warned about the possible dangers of using this simulator. They argued that if a person is experiencing pain in the lower back, you should put this Assembly aside and do not use them. Because otherwise you could hurt your spine. During class with this disk, people had to feel a burning sensation in the abdomen, and hands.

Disc Grace

One of the most favorite equipment of children who lived at the time. However, many women used it to tone the muscles of the thighs and buttocks as well as tighten the lateral press.

Applicator Kuznetsov

This applicator is known. It is widely used in our time. His task is to remove tension from the muscles in that body part where it is applied. Needle, which is equipped with an applicator, help to improve blood circulation in skin tissues and in the muscles.

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