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The doctors said that happens to the body if you give up coffee

Врачи рассказали, что произойдет с организмом, если отказаться от кофе Caffeine affects different organs.

Experts have made the top 10 pros and the rejection of the caffeine. The authors of the list noted that it is not just about you stop drinking coffee and tea and red bull and soda.

In the first place of the rating was a plus in the form of less anxiety. The fact that excess caffeine causes anxiety, surges of energy and the production of stress hormones, reports

Second place went to sound sleep, which will return after the rejection of caffeinated beverages.

In third place the top 10 departed for the absorption of nutrients. The fact that in the rejection of caffeine, the human body starts to more effectively absorb certain nutrients. This happens because coffee contains tannins that slow the absorption of elements such as iron, calcium and vitamins of group B.

The fourth place is reserved for healthy teeth: coffee, tea and other similar drinks worsen the color of the enamel.

Fifth place was have balanced hormones. As numerous studies, caffeine changes women estrogen levels that can adversely affect health.
In the sixth position of the rating reduction in blood pressure that occurs when the rejection of coffee.

Seventh place went balanced brain chemistry. The fact that coffee makes people not only more energetic but also more irritable. If you remove the coffee, go and mood swings.

Eighth row – reducing the number of headaches.

In ninth place – a healthy digestion. In the case of drinking coffee often there disorders, since caffeine has on the intestines laxative effect.

On the last line of the rating was the return of youth. Caffeine interferes with the formation of collagen, which is vital for youthful skin.

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