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The doctors explained why you should not give up Breakfast

Врачи объяснили, почему не стоит отказываться от завтракаThe habit of daily Breakfast prolongs youth organism – a doctor.

Daily consumption of pure mineral water on an empty stomach and a proper balanced Breakfast will help to prevent the development of diseases and slow down the aging process of body cells.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Modern cosmetology can offer dozens of expensive procedures for facial rejuvenation, and plastic surgeons just learned how to do miracles, but to avoid them, experts believe, is possible through proper diet, sufficient quantities of clean fluid, proper sleep and positive emotions.

To have a healthy youthful appearance is very important a full night’s sleep in quiet, comfortable surroundings. And at least 7-8 hours daily.

“To clean the skin only from the outside – is fundamentally wrong, and for inner purification requires a large amount of pure water, preferably mineral, without gas. And should drink only clean water, not replacing it with tea, coffee and especially the bole of beer or soda,” warned the doctor.

Water is a powerful tool to speed up the metabolism and cleansing the body. Habit to start the morning with a glass of slightly warm clean water will help the body will Wake up after a dream and earn on full power, but will accelerate the process of self-regeneration of the cells and purification of toxins.

“During the night, the skin cells lose a lot of moisture (and because of this, and formed the first fine lines) and to replenish the water balance as soon as possible. If at first you will have Breakfast or drink a Cup of coffee – the effect is not the same. So first clean water and only then (after 25-30 minutes) Breakfast, coffee,” – said the doctor.

It is important to always have Breakfast on time, it’s one of the commandments long youth and well-being. No wonder Breakfast all nutritionists unanimously called the main meal for the day. Breakfast better than easy carbohydrate foods – it could be oatmeal, toast bread, wholemeal or cereal, or a protein food like eggs or steamed eggs.

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