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The doctors explained why it may be tremor of the extremities

Медики объяснили, почему может возникать тремор конечностейThis is a symptom of dangerous diseases.

Often with trembling limbs experienced by older people. It’s not directly life-threatening, but can be a symptom of some serious disorders.

Hypothyroidism. Excessive activity of the thyroid gland affects all metabolic processes of the body, which becomes abnormal. Hypothyroidism can also cause tremor of the extremities. On average, there are about 10 distinctive podergivaniah per second. Affected leg, jaw, lips, head and torso.

Parkinson’s Disease. A progressive neurological disorder caused by a deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which controls movement. This files most often gives rise to a tremor of the arms, legs and fingers, is characterized by impaired driving stability.

Family history. Genetic mutations can also be the cause of tremor of the extremities in the elderly. Usually the violations are more pronounced in one half of the body. For example, they manifest a constant shake of the head as “Yes” movements, ie up and down, and “negative”, that is, from side to side. Aggravate the effects of the tremor can factors such as stress, caffeine, fatigue and extreme temperatures.

Multiple sclerosis. Often appears the so-called dynamic or intention tremor, which is characterized by trembling of limbs in random movements. Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disorder of the nervous system, in which the body attacks the myelin sheath of nerves.

Wilson’s Disease. Hereditary disorder caused by accumulation of copper in the liver. Characterized by fatigue, speech disorders, muscle stiffness, discoloration of the eyes, yellowness of the skin and sometimes tremor.

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