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The creators of “Pathologic 2” has shared a new alpha teaser game

Closer to the gamer selected the game “Moore (Utopia),” on the West is known as “Pathologic”. Previously, the project had to change the name, pretending to be not a reconsideration and a Supplement and a sequel to the original, but we all know better than that. At home domestic developers from the Studio Ice-Pick Lodge decided to name the project simply “more”.

The official description reads:

“Mor” is a Thriller in an open world, in which three very different doctor trying to save the charm of the steppe, the city from the epidemic of the deadly disease. But the city is dying on the eyes. You have to make hard decisions — sometimes deliberately losing. Sand plague is not just a disease. Can’t save everyone.
The plague devours the city.
Uncover the mystery of the murder of his father and become instead the main local healer.
Find out who called your sister. If she brought the plague in this town?
The children of this city is clearly hiding something. Play by their rules.
You have a total of twelve days.

Some time ago, Steam users were provided with the opportunity to try out several minutes of the game in the demo version. Now, Ice-Pick Lodge are going to visit the games PAX West, which will be held from 31 August to 3 September to provide visitors with the opportunity to evaluate a new alpha version of his brainchild. To the announcement is attached and fresh atmospheric teaser.

The release date of “Pathologic 2” has not been announced.

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