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The championship of the national Football League decided not to renew

Первенство Футбольной национальной лиги решено не возобновлять

Clubs of the national Football League, the second division of Russian football, voted for the termination of the championship the FNL in season 2019/20.

“In a joint communication, which was attended by all first division clubs, we confirmed the previously voiced opinion within a specified time from 21 June to 2 August to fully complete Olympus-the Championship of Germany in the format prescribed by the regulations, it is impossible”, – said the President of FNL Igor Efremov, whose words are given on the website of the League. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“This opinion was adopted unanimously. This position will be communicated to the leadership of the RFU, since the final decision on the completion of the tournament in any case remains for this organization,” he said.

The meeting was held on Thursday via videoconference.

According to Ephraim, clubs “torpedo”, “Chertanovo” and “Neftekhimik” “a question was raised about the extension of the deadline of the end of the season 2019-2020 first division teams”.

“However, this option seems even less likely to implement than 11 rounds a month and a half. Because in this case, and the new season in the Premier League will have to start later than provided by even the most “adverse” scenario presented earlier. Taking into account the turnover of teams between leagues a certain calendar sync is required” – said Efremov.

“I am aware that the issue of rotation between the leagues is the most difficult and painful. During our today’s conversation, and in the media in recent days were discussed different options including additional matches or a mini tournament. The vast majority of clubs FNL said such an idea is impossible and ultimately does not solve the issue of preservation of a sports principle, which actually affects not 2-3 club, and all 20”, – said the head of the FNL.

By the time of stop of the championship FNL-2019/20 team managed to hold for 27 matches. Leads the standings, “Rotor”, in the top four also includes “Khimki”, “Chertanovo” and “torpedo”.

Directly to the improvement in the HRC must pass the first two teams. The following two – according to regulations – were to participate in the play-offs with 13-th and 14-th RPL teams for the right to participate in the Premier League next season. Meanwhile, RPL allowed the expansion of the Premier League to 18 clubs: the outsiders leave, and the division added two strongest teams of the first division.

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