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The boy who survived said he saw in heaven

Переживший кому мальчик рассказал, что он видел в раю The child shared his incredible visions.

In 2004, Kevin Malarkey and his oldest son Alex was driving in a certain direction, when suddenly on the next turn in the car flew into another car. The man escaped with bruises, while the child was severely damaged spine. About two months the boy was in a coma.

After Alex regained consciousness, he began to describe heaven. So, the angels, carrying the soul of Kevin after the accident were muscular, they had the wings from the shoulders to the waist. Also on scene was the devil that said: “Your father is dead, and it’s because of you.” Father also had serious injuries, but God healed him.

According to Alex, hell you could see through the hole in the sky. The devil had a funny look: a few moldy teeth, bony arms and legs. The flesh he was not only the mold.

Based on the story in 2010 he published a book “the Boy who came back from heaven” (The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven). The material has attracted a lot of people, and later it even made a documentary.

In 2011, Alex’s mother, Beth Malarkey, said that her son started to condemn the book. He said in his blog that everything written tale. Statements of this kind to appear until 2014. Kevin had already left the family.

In 2015, Alex wrote a letter to the Christian website, where he noted that what he said was intended to draw the attention of the public. Consequently, the story was fictional. It is important to note that Alex did not receive money for successfully sold books.

Переживший кому мальчик рассказал, что он видел в раю

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