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Ternopil teenagers kidnapped his friend because of the meager debt

Тернопольские подростки похитили своего товарища из-за мизерного долгаOn the head of the guy wearing a plastic bag.

In the Ternopil region has four children aged 12 to 16 years and their 19-year-old comrade illegally “captured” in the eighth for the debt in the amount of 15 UAH. The guy, allegedly, two years did not give money to a fellow seventh-grader. Now attackers from the village of Sadky zalishchyky district, will face criminal penalties for disorderly conduct and unlawful imprisonment.

“One of the boys agreed with the victim to meet at the club. While he waited, a foreign car drove the rest of the teenagers from the company. The student was bound, his head pulled a plastic bag shoved into a car and taken away. All this happened in broad daylight,” reports Netpolice Ternopil region.

According to the victim, he was taken to the outskirts of the village, recalled the debt, and then asked how much he was scared. Supposedly, it was all a joke. Back in the village the boy was brought to the same machine. Police conduct pre-trial investigation.

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