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Russia’s tough new rules for foreign workers

A new law that comes into force this week will see virtually all foreigners living in Russia, even young children, required to take a battery of tests on a regular basis to avoid falling foul of the immigration authorities, in a move unprecedented virtually anywhere in the world. Under the …

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CEO ‘taking time off’ after firing 900 workers over Zoom

Vishal Garg attained nationwide infamy for firing the employees over Zoom, accusing them of “stealing from the company” by not working hard enough. A letter sent to employees from the company’s board of directors on Friday promised that Better.com would be bringing in an outside firm to “do a leadership and cultural …

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Remote workers find ways to trick ‘bossware’ spying

Workplace surveillance is nothing new. Nor is resistance to it. The idea that people needed constant observation if they were to work efficiently goes back to early manufacturing in the early 1900s and the emergence of Taylorism. But since Covid, surveillance has moved from the office into the home. Working …

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Biden may extend vax mandate to businesses with fewer than 100 workers

Biden promised in September to strongarm private companies into mandating Covid-19 vaccines for their employers, vowing to enforce the mandates through the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Though multiple large firms have already started to implement these measures, the OSHA only revealed on Thursday how they …

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