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Wonderful word

About the “digital economy” “digital state”, “digital Parliament” and other expectations of magic and miracles. Our government, realizing its inability to do anything well, not to plunder and not breaking working, looking for a magical miracle that will allow them to keep well and live richly, not being able to …

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Trump called “wonderful” conversation with Putin

The US President added that he and Putin “spoke very strongly” about Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. The US President Donald trump called “wonderful” phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to trump them with Putin and the conversation lasted almost an hour and a half. “We had a …

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In our house settled wonderful Boat

What it’s like to live with one of the most recognizable horror actors of our time under one roof? Must be very nice. But perhaps quite fun, at least the British film “Two doves” (Two Pigeons, also known as Freehold) describe as a bleak urban tale with elements of black …

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Artist Jenny parks and her wonderful cats

Artist Jenny parks (Jenny Parks) became famous for his drawings, which she calls Pop Culture Cats – it depicts cats in the form of characters from pop culture heroes of movies, TV series and comics. Over the past few years Jenny has depicted the cats from “Star trek” and “Star …

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