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Cute pictures of women before and after birth. Photo

A touching compilation of pictures dedicated to motherhood before and after childbirth, and most importantly-the emergence of a new person into the light.Pregnancy is a wonderful season. Woman 9 months is in expectation of a miracle and is aware of its great importance in the chain of the universe. This …

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The first ancient civilizations were ruled by women

Scientists have studied the burial places of the Indians of one of the tribes of Pueblo. American archaeologists said that in primitive civilizations around the world for many tribes reigned matriarchy. This researchers wrote in an article for foreign scientific journal Nature Communications. According to American experts from the University …

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Best haircuts for women of all ages. Photo

Stylish and beautiful. Long to grow hair to the desired length, and then go and very short haircut again to want long hair — a vicious circle, in which at least once in my life got every woman. And while many believe that only long hair look feminine, these Babes …

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Became known, the secret of Oriental women’s beauty

Silky skin, no wrinkles, fresh women of the East seems to be the secret behind seven locks. Beauticians opened the curtain and shared the beauty secrets of Oriental women. Beauty secrets of Oriental women is rooted in antiquity. Their ancestors used the gifts of nature and did a variety of …

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