Saturday , November 27 2021
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Why is it so difficult to form a united front against wokeism?

The inexorable rise of wokeism – the culture war and cancel culture – appears unstoppable mainly because its opposition remains incoherent and fragmented. In one sense, this is inevitable.   The main protagonists of the culture war very rarely lay out their cause systematically.   As leading intellectual Frank Furedi points out …

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Attempt at civil discourse on ‘Wokeism’ ends in Clubhouse room ‘coup,’ Jewish prof shut down as ‘SPICY WHITE’ & demands for CASH

The room, dubbed “Is Clubhouse Obsessed with ‘Wokeism’?” was created by independent journalist Michael Tracey, who said he thought the Clubhouse chats “almost inevitably evolve into a discussion of ‘woke-ism’… but there’s seldom anyone in the room who identifies enough with the ideology to give a defense of it.” His attempt …

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