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America is deluding itself if it thinks Vietnam will provide it with missile bases, or help it at all, in any conflict with China

Despite their shared ideology, anti-imperialist worldview, and Mao’s historical support for North Vietnam in its long struggle against the United States between 1955 and 1975, China and Vietnam aren’t allies. In fact, the longstanding enmity between the two countries is huge.  For thousands of years, Vietnam has perceived Beijing as …

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Vietnam showed the largest cave in the world

The site is unique not only for its size, but the greenery on the inside. While people are busy with their problems, nature unbeknownst to all continue to create masterpieces. Some of them are under the feet, though both literally and figuratively. In Central Vietnam, Phong Nha national Park Provides …

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Element in Vietnam evacuated a million people

The death toll in the region have already become 230. Vietnam evacuated about a million people in the approach of the deadly Typhoon “Tembin”, which should soon reach the country. From the lowland areas of Vietnam already exported more than 70 thousand people, also is scheduled to close oil rigs …

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