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In Kiev saw an unusual police car

While in Ukraine I saw only one COP Crown Victoria.In Kiev, said the U.S. full-size RWD Ford Crown Victoria sedan with frame chassis, which, apparently, go the representatives of the military police. Picture Ford Crown Victoria marked “MP” on the background of the Ukrainian flag was placed on the social …

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So look at the most unusual species of fish. Photo

The list includes ten interesting species. Apparently, this is the most funny, creepy or weird creatures of nature. The chance to meet with most of them from diving tend to zero: almost all are very deep. 1. Oddly enough, it’s a shark. This species of shark is called a shark-plastochem, …

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Scientists have discovered an unusual star

Scientists have found a star with a very low iron contentAstronomers have announced that they managed to open the star with a very low iron content. The star designated SMSS 1605-1443 is located in the milky Way, at a distance of 36 thousand light-years from Earth. The star was found …

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Scientists have described an unusual ancient crab

Limbs in these ancient crabs was lobe. Researchers have described a new family, genus and species of crab that lived about 90 million years ago. It was a tiny arthropods with spherical eyes and lobe limbs adapted for swimming. A group of paleontologists, under the leadership of Xavier Luc (Javier …

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In space recorded unusual burst of radiation

The discovery was made in the USA. Astronomers from the University of Arkansas detected a flare of x-ray radiation in the galaxy, which is located at a distance of 6.5 billion light years from Earth. The outbreak was the result of the merger of two neutron stars, which formed the …

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Scientists have identified an unusual ability of cats

Cats are able to distinguish their own name from other words.Scientists from the University of Sophia in Tokyo received confirmation that cats can understand human speech. The researchers found that cats are able to distinguish its name from other words, even if spoken with an accent. In the study, researchers …

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