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Xiaomi brought their laptops to Europe

Company Xiaomi announced the start of official sales of its laptops in Europe. The first thing was represented Mi Air Notebook with a screen of 13.3 inches, but soon to be joined by other models. First Xiaomi launched its mobile PC in Madrid and Barcelona, but not far off release …

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This pole looks 11 years old in their 25

The guy suffers from a rare disease. Pole Tomash Nadolski 25 years, but it looks like a 11-12 year old boy. It’s so natural that to confirm your age no need to always carry a passport. The word party people don’t believe him. Tomas lives in the town of Oleśnica …

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The American plane rammed their own home. Video

In the crash the pilot of the plane died.In Utah in the USA light aircraft crashed into a house. In the crash the pilot was killed and the aircraft destroyed. After the collapse of the housing suddenly broke out, the fire started. The pilot, according to the police, was 47-year-old …

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Nastya Kamenskih criticized their own fans

The singer surprised fans with an unusual outfit.Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky surprised his fans with a way in which she appeared at the opening of the international music festival “Heat”, which takes place in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. The corresponding photo was published on page edition of PeopleTalk in …

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Investors Star Citizen will not be able to recover their money

The possibility of a return of cash was removed from Star Citizen. 2 million users donated for the development of an ambitious space simulator Star Citizen has over $190 million, but many of them over the years of development have become disappointed in the project and want to regain their …

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This man looks 20 years old in their 50s. Photo

Photographer with a unique appearance, lives in Singapore. Sometimes there is a feeling in that part of the world where Asia is located, there is something special in the air or food, because some people look like they stopped aging. So, get acquainted, Cuando tan (Tan Chuando), the Singapore photographer …

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