Thursday , July 29 2021
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Doll Anna wants to be terrifying doll Annabelle (TRAILER)

Everything that has any popularity, there is always the imitators and copies. Horror movies are no exception. But imitation spin-offs – it already seems to be something new. Michael cram, whose name you hardly mean anything, made a film called “Anna” (Anna), which is a rip-off om the series “the …

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And again, a terrifying Pennywise

On the Internet and found a couple of cool non-illuminated we have a staff of promising horror “It”, waiting for the premiere which is very long. Both images are good though because they have emblazoned our favorite Pennywise. Interestingly, until this moment, the actor bill skarsgård was very familiar, except …

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Deadly storm in Poland: published terrifying footage. Video

In Northern Poland, a storm brought down trees and caused the death of five people.In a network there is aerial photography of the consequences of the hurricanes that swept the Northern Polish voivodships and pushed thousands of trees. Appropriate personnel publishes Youtube channel 2abali. “Acres of trees broken like matches,” …

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A new trailer of the remake of the FLATLINERS terrifying

A new trailer for “It” today. A little more, a little bit. In the meantime, as a warm-up watch the second international trailer of the mystical horror film “Flatliners” (Flatliners) – creepy clown in it, but horror in General, enough. Though nothing really new movie offers no – well, Yes, …

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Scientists have discovered a terrifying new animal

The new species is rarely open, and usually it’s something microscopic, interesting, but not astonishing. But about a huge worm with a length of at least a meter I can’t say this. This is the longest and the massive representative bivalves in the world. Unofficially, these mollusks are called ship …

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