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Famous Hollywood actress spoke about her terrible childhood

The girl had serious problems early in his life. Actress Kate Winslet told about his childhood. She made a rather emotional speech at the We Day UK festival. Kate Winslet told about bullying in school in front of 12-thousand audience. I’ve been bullied in school. Classmates called me fat. They …

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A terrible accident in Germany: five dead

In Germany overturned garbage truck crushed the passenger car.In the German town of Nagold, located near the border with France, fatally overturned garbage truck. The truck fell on a car. In result of road accident five passengers of the car died on the spot. According to the German newspaper, in …

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The caravan, which is not terrible Arctic cold. Photo

Comfort and practicality are not devoid of style and taste. Every person today knows what a “house on wheels”. Most often it is the trailer or the trailer, or module for a vehicle in which to live, being in nature. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, such a “house” very rarely provide …

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Of a terrible monster living in Australia. Photo

Not the most “friendly” continent on the planet. Australia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the planet, a Paradise for surfers and travelers. But it is known also the fact that there are many deadly predators: the ocean is teeming with toothy sharks and stinging jellyfish, and …

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Terrible footage of the earthquake in China. Video

Under blockages there can be more than 100 people.At least five people were killed and about a hundred can be under blockages in the area of the National Park Jiuzhaigou in China’s Sichuan province. There was a strong earthquake, said the representatives of the seismological Bureau of province. An earthquake …

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