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The most famous swords in history. Photo

About them legends. From ancient civilizations to the present day swords were and remain an integral part of military history and a symbol of military honor, valor and courage. Before the advent of firearms and heavy artillery swords were used for face-to-face encounters. It is believed that the first sword …

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Laser swords make movies cooler (18 PHOTOS)

And may the force be with you, yeah. Generally it is believed that with a laser (more precisely – with light) swords absolutely ANY movie will look incredibly cool. Thanks to colleagues from Bloody-Disgisting, which once again reminded all about it, laying an excellent collection fotozhab, combining the weapon of …

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Scientists have figured out why the Vikings wore swords

The Danish researchers came to the conclusion that the Vikings could go everywhere to carry swords to show off.Experts have studied in detail the three swords that were forged in the VIII—IX centuries. It turned out that the metal alloy is specially made with the expectation that the blade of …

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Famous swords, which were legends. Photo

The twelve swords of the mysteries of the legends and history There are swords, legends who energized the imaginary and real bloody stories of murder and confrontation. The sword is the only weapon in a fairy tale, and in the history left a trail. Offer to meet with swords, the …

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