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Surprising facts about the most popular attractions. Photo

They still have something to surprise tourists. Many of the most famous landmarks in the world are iconic symbols of times past, and think they know everything already. However, despite their popularity, there are some unique but little known facts about these world-famous landmarks that attract tourists from all corners …

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Life after death: scientists made a surprising discovery

Scientists say that after death the consciousness of man continues to work.A recent study confirmed that human consciousness continues to work even after the body ceases to submit life signs. This means that the dead are aware of the fact of his own death. The scientists of Langone Medical center …

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Zaporozhye archaeologists made a surprising discovery

Archaeologists have proven the incredible when ancient people. The people who lived about six thousand years BC, during the late stone age on the territory of Melitopol, managed to trade with the territories located thousands of miles away in modern-day Turkey. Appropriate finding, confirming an incredible connection, was made by …

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