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Russia bypassed from the South: the TANAP pipeline running fully

The leaders of Turkey and Azerbaijan launched the latest phase of the TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline. On Saturday, the TANAP pipeline, which is part of the so-called “southern gas corridor” for Caspian gas supplies to Europe bypassing Russia, has been finally commissioned. The importance of this event is evidenced by the …

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Transit from Asia to Europe around Russia from the South

China launched a project alternative “New silk road” — a land transport route China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus-Europe. Started, tested and is gaining momentum international transport artery to the South, bypassing Russian territory. This is “TRANS-Caspian international transport route” (TITR) or the so-called Central corridor — a project initiated with the aim of increasing …

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In the South China sea was a powerful submarine bomb

According to information coming from the monitoring services of the World Ocean, in the South China sea there was a strong underwater explosion. The explosion was sensors. The moment of the explosion, approximately 18:22 PM Eastern time USA, although evidence is still very fragmentary. Information to be confirmed and verified. …

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The DPRK said about the futility of talks with South Korea

Yesterday in the online edition of “Uriminzokkiri” has another editorial comment about the General situation on the Korean Peninsula. It contains criticism of a subordinate in relation to the US approach in South Korea and stated the inevitability of North Korea a dialogue only with Washington without the participation of …

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The South Koreans created a solid-state battery

In South Korea, a production technology of solid-state batteries designed for electric vehicles and energy storage systems (ESS). According to the news Agency Yonhap News, has developed a method scientists of the Korean Institute of industrial technology (KITECH). “Instead of the traditionally used liquid electrolyte in the new lithium-ion batteries …

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Amazing rituals of healers from South Africa. Photo

In South Africa, when you are ill do not always go to the doctor. On all occasions there are herbalists, midwives, faith healers, soothsayers and others. Now in Africa there are about 200 000 traditional healers, and only 25 000 doctors working according to the canons of Western medicine, reports …

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