Sunday , July 25 2021
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Even the bosses have a maturing sense of impasse and understanding that using a cheat it doesn’t get

Elitka – a thing is not monolithic. And there is also a lot of different points of view, although the propaganda veil that focus on the most simple of citizens, it is not noticeable. Here is a recent example – a short interview with media BA-a-alshich stars: . He …

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A mockery of common sense

On the TTC every few minutes driving the ambulance with the sirens, and Putin ordered to hold a parade on June 24. Military parades — narcissistic States and the awful atavism. From the developed countries big military parades only carries France on Bastille day, and the main rival of the …

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A special sense of pride

The government aggressively hammered into the heads of the population mantra that Russians have a special sense of pride in the greatness of our Motherland. And in some other Nations, love of country it happens, but we have so much that life without her can not imagine. Even in peace …

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