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‘Tricky Nikki’ Haley takes heat from all sides as #Resistance & MAGA fans pile on over perceived loyalty to Trump (or lack of it)

Though Haley posted a tweet ostensibly in support of the president on Thursday afternoon, praising Trump for “his leadership of conservative victories” in congressional races and calling for “transparency” and “fairness” in the vote-counting process, some in the MAGA camp deemed the message a ‘eulogy’ for Trump’s campaign. Conservative podcaster …

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‘Devastated’ Resistance celebrities protest NBC decision to air Trump town hall at same time as Biden’s ABC appearance

The petitioners said they were “devastated” to learn that Trump’s hour-long event will air on Thursday evening, directly opposite his Democrat challenger’s 90-minute event on ABC.  “This is not a partisan issue. This is about the political health of our democracy,” the celebrities insisted, accusing NBC of “enabling the President’s …

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In backing Biden, the leftist ‘resistance’ to Trump is perpetuating illegal US invasions & wars, & handing victory to the neocons

In a recent op-ed on RT, I outlined the puzzling and ironic configuration that is the anti-Trump ‘resistance.’ But I didn’t explore one important ‘interest group’ within a ‘deep state’ intent on destroying Trump’s presidency at all costs—namely, the neocon hawks of both major political parties and the military and …

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Non-resistance to evil

I was always tormented by the question, where have employees taken the idea that capitalism can be fought, actually fighting with him, that is actually expecting that socialism will come by itself. You just need to have patience and wait, wait, wait and believe… Probably the main cause of these …

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Project Resistance will get story mode

In addition to the online mode of “4 vs 1” the game will add a full single player mode with its own history, but plot details are not disclosed. In early September, Capcom announced a new game in the Resident Evil franchise called Project Resistance. Fresh project was a multiplayer …

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