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Why India is the most exciting renewable market in the world

While much of the world is seeing energy demand take a dive thanks to the economic and industrial slowdown spurred by the novel coronavirus pandemic, India has been making great strides to get more people connected to the grid than ever. Historically, much of the Indian subcontinent’s rural populations had …

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Renewable hydrogen competitive today?

In the scientific journal Nature Energy recently published an article in which he argued that hydrogen generated from renewable electricity “is already competitive at a cost of” some “niches”. It is added that “full competitiveness” can be achieved in about a decade. These findings contrast with other work on renewable …

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Google moves to 100% renewable energy

Google will run on 100% renewable energyGoogle officially announced as a company fully converted to 100% renewable energy — solar and wind. The company agreed with three wind farms in South Dakota, Iowa and Oklahoma.This was announced by Sam Arons of the Department of energy and Google’s infrastructure. “Plus 535 …

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