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Named the unique properties of different types of tea

Select the best option for themselves. Every day is getting colder, and we often warm up with tea. So this drink not tired, many are doing their “tea card” multi-colored: besides the classic black and green, buy yellow, white, red teas. They differ in color and taste, but have a …

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Named a previously unknown beneficial properties of the tea

Tea is a real treasure trove of substances that promote recovery and Wellness. Besides, tea helps to regenerate skin cells and fights flaking and dryness. We offer you several recipes of tea, which will improve the skin condition. Tea-antioxidant This tea is composed of marigold flowers, red clover and lemon …

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Healing bubbles: the surprising properties of champagne

Experts told about the beneficial properties of sparkling drink. It turned out that a popular alcoholic drink that is considered a holiday, is also useful. Experts claim that the composition of champagne, contain substances that positively affect our memory, strengthen the immune system and improve heart function. So, the champagne …

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Doctors called unexpected useful properties of ginger

Ginger can be used not only as a tasty addition to hot teas and as a seasoning for flavorful meat. It is also used for medicinal purposes, about which you certainly not imagined. About what happens to your body when you regularly consume ginger, read below. Reduces the risk of …

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Therapists recalled cough properties of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter was used by our grandmothers for symptoms of colds and viral infections. About the healing properties of cocoa butter has long been known, but for some reason many forgot about them. In folk medicine, cocoa butter used always as effective cold remedies. Besides, this product is made from …

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Eggs: beneficial and harmful properties

How useful are eggs and what is their benefit?A chicken egg is one of the most healthy and nutritious food due to its nutritional value. Eggs are simply necessary for a healthy balanced diet. Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals; the protein is almost completely digested by the body. …

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