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‘No immigration for five years’: Ex-EU negotiator Barnier’s bid for French presidency is straight from the Brexit playbook

There is clearly no chance that lofty, self-regarding political careerist Michel Barnier, the former EU chief negotiator on Brexit, will ever understand the sweet, sweet irony of the shameful politicking behind his bid to become president of France. The 70-year-old former minister under Presidents Chirac and Sarkozy, who spent nearly …

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Trump: Biden ‘should not wrongfully claim’ presidency

“Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also,” Trump tweeted on Friday night, ahead of Biden’s announced address to the nation. “Legal proceedings are just now beginning!” the president added. Biden’s campaign told reporters that he and his running mate Kamala …

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Can a Biden presidency put an end to Russiagate, or will Democrats continue to wield Neo-McCarthyism to consolidate power?

Despite the hysteria it unleashed in the press, Russiagate didn’t reveal any actual collusion between US President Donald Trump and the Russian government, although it did expose how democratic institutions are threatened by corruption in the political-media class. What happens when the anti-Russia barrage is used to target the political …

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