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In space, found the murderer of planets. Video

Astronomers at the University of Indiana found that a mysterious non-periodic dimming of the star RZ Piscium can be explained by the presence of a rotating cloud of gas and dust. According to the hypothesis the researchers, they could appear due to the fact that the star destroys the exoplanet …

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In space discovered the killer of planets

Star destroys the exoplanet orbiting around it. RZ Piscium is located 550 light years from Earth in the direction of the constellation of Pisces. Observations showed that the brightness of the stars from time to time drops 10 times that lasts up to two days. Thus RZ Piscium begins to …

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Scientists explained the emergence of the giant planets

Planets absorb large amounts of heat from the star. Most gas exoplanets close to host stars and belonging to the class of “hot Jupiters” with the mass of Jupiter or Saturn, but more of their diameter. Scientists analyzed data collected by space telescope Kepler, which was able to detect two …

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