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Scientists explain scary paranormal phenomena. Photo

Scientists are able to explain anything. According to various studies, about 40 % of the world’s population believe in the paranormal. That’s why we decided to pick you up 10 stories and phenomena associated with the supernatural, but is easily explained from a scientific point of view. And next time, …

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Amazing natural phenomena that few have seen. Photo

Sixteen wonders of nature. Rainbow white, turquoise ice, colored Sands and mountains is not a fairy story, and the natural phenomena of our planet. We collected 16 wonders of the world, which are more like fiction filmmakers fantasy. And in the end you will be a trick question, which produced …

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Incredible phenomena, surprising even scientists. Photo

Twelve unique phenomena. Since ancient times man tries to explain the many wonderful things that abound in our planet. Most of them have already found a scientific justification, but such, whose existence is still hard to imagine. We collected 12 mysterious phenomena, which tossed us like nature and people. 12. …

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Banal phenomena that undermine the health of the kidneys

Experts told about the main events that may significantly undermine the health of your kidneys. Kidney – one of their most important organs. They cleanse the blood of toxins, regulate water-salt balance and blood pressure. Kidney disorder can lead to serious consequences. Surprisingly, we do ruin your body, at first …

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Cosmic phenomena, opened in recent years. Photo

Alluring and frightening space. Although in recent decades, the science is moving forward exponentially, people’s knowledge about space still tend to zero. It is not surprising that scientists are constantly discovering in the Universe of new, sometimes seemingly fantastic phenomena. About the hottest ten such discoveries made in recent times …

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Unique natural phenomena that few have seen. Photo

This is a real phenomena. Our planet is full of amazing things that capture the imagination and difficult to understand. Today we present 20 of the most extraordinary and beautiful natural phenomena. 1. Glowing beach in the Maldives. The light emit bioluminescent fitoplanktona. 2. Ice flowers. This is actually crystals …

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