Sunday , August 1 2021
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‘The new paper of record’? Teen Vogue basks in anti-war praise after obit calls Rumsfeld ‘accused war criminal & torture defender’

The publication marked Rumsfeld’s passing with a provocatively titled obit on Wednesday, whose headline immediately recalled war crimes allegations against the former official. The article appeared on social media with an even bolder caption, this time also making mention of Rumsfeld’s strong support for torture during his time in the …

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Blinken’s vow to avoid ‘costly military interventions’ isn’t worth the paper it’s written on – sanctions cause just as much damage

More remarkably, while embracing the cause of global democracy, Blinken appeared to have little time for democracy as practiced in the US.  The goal of Blinken’s speech, delivered virtually to the American people on Wednesday, was to introduce the Biden administration’s newly-issued “Interim National Security Strategic Guidance,” that is supposedly …

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