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New Mercedes GLC noticed during the tests

The machine is based on MFA2. One of the best manufacturers on the planet — continues carmaker Mercedes tests its new crossover. This time, the GLC noticed on road tests at home. For example, the German spies were still able to see the optics of the car. Held on early …

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In the sky above the Lipetsk noticed a bright object

The burning object was extinguished before reached the ground. June 21 residents of five regions of Central Russia saw in the sky a bright object, which flared up and then burned up in the atmosphere. Astronomers think it was superbolid of natural origin. At 4:20 Moscow time on the Voronezh, …

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Geekbench noticed flagship smartphone Nokia 9

Very soon will announce a new flagship smartphone Nokia 9, which show the new products from Xiaomi, LG, Samsung and other top brands, which means many years of experience, coupled with a recognizable name. Today the candy bar appeared in the benchmark Geekbench as a lis

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In Kiev I noticed a woman walking on the roadway

Woman miraculously caught under the car.Hem captured on video a woman of unknown age, which is in a poor state of wear of the roadway.Despite the busy traffic, the woman acted like he didn’t notice him and went along. It is noted that the woman could not remember his name …

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Noticed unusual activity around Area 51

In the vicinity of Area 51 enthusiasts and journalists over the past year and a half managed to make a number of observations. Unusual activity around Area 51, a secret military base in Nevada, discovered by enthusiasts, may indicate the test developed B-21 Raider, the first American heavy bomber over …

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The Sun noticed a giant flare

The size of education reaches half a million kilometers. Scientists discovered the Sun for the huge size of the flare, which can be observed through an astronomical filter. This was reported by representatives of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN. “Almost in the center of the solar …

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