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Night in Balakleya twice detonated ammunition

The situation in Balakleya controlled. In Balakleya in Kharkiv region recorded two of the detonation of ammunition after midnight. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Lieutenant-General Igor Pavlovsky. He stressed that the situation in the Arsenal of weapons controlled, there is a planned cleanup area. “The tasks that were …

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What to eat at night, not to gain weight

All who follow the figure, you know, for the night is impossible. But if you will go to bed hungry, you’ll be up half the night tossing and turning from side to side, stand exhausted, and the next day to recover exceeds the amount of calories doubled, if not tripled. …

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Called useful foods that can be eaten at night

Many nutritionists say that after six in the evening it is better to abstain from food. But in fact, some foods eaten in the evening, contribute to improving the state of the nerves, skin, and sleep. Researchers have unveiled a list of foods that you can eat after six. According …

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Ivan Dorn has dedicated clip “night butterflies”

The singer was surprised by shocking images. Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn presented the video to first English single Collaba, in which he starred in a very scandalous manner. This song Dorn decided to give the workers the “love front”. “Collaba is an ode to prostitutes. I sing them! I want …

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In Scotland in one night tore down the old bridge. Video

Scottish builders have demonstrated a master class on high-speed dismantling of structures. It turns out to dismantle the bridge and to fully repair the road requires only one day. Or rather night, as it clearly demonstrates us this timelapse video. Old bridge in Scotland on a local road gradually dismantled. …

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