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“New mutants” scared: a new frame of the movie

Portal USA Today has shared fresh scenes from a horror movie “New mutants” Josh Boone’s first movie about X-Men that will not only entertain the audience but also to scare. The picture shows the main characters, more about which you can read in our material, gathered in the hallway on …

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“New mutants” mow AC/DC

Director Josh Boone has published in his Instagram a funny photo with “New mutants”. A reference to the legendary rock band AC/DC is obvious. The actors parody the cover of Highway to Hell, probably the most popular album of the Australians. In 1979 “highway to hell” has become rockers dear …

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Kinomaks “New mutants” promises to be bloody?

Kinosalona X-Men is increasingly moving to the “dark side”. Financial success serious “Deadpool” will appear tough and realistic, “Logan”, and now the upcoming tape “New mutants” (“X-Men: The New Mutants”), directed by Josh Boone threatens to become the first full-fledged horror film in the lineup. Intriguing? Of course! Meanwhile, in …

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Born in Africa monkey mutants

Every fourth chimpanzee and baboon is born with visible deformities. The researchers found that in Uganda, about a quarter of primates are born with genetic mutations. Representatives of the international group of scientists from the National Park Kibale in Western Uganda believe that the cause of the mutations were the …

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