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Stephen Hawking has predicted the extinction of mankind

According to British physicist, this will happen to the year 2600. British physicist Stephen Hawking predicted the disappearance of mankind on Earth by the year 2600. The scientist believes that until then the population will increase and energy consumption increase, so that the planet will resemble to this point, “the …

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Death of mankind: Hawking made a new poor prognosis

The famous physicist has predicted a global catastrophe on Earth in the next 600 years. The famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned that the human race will die on the Ground after we turn it into a hissing ball of fire in less than 600 years. Hawking said that people …

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Scientists have predicted what mankind will perish

Black hole can destroy the Earth.Scientists have informed that soon the star Betelgeuse could destroy the planet Earth. The star will become a supernova, this event will find many scientists around the world, but they don’t know what it all might end. Betelgeuse has a large size, from which it …

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Astronomers told us what mankind will perish

People on Earth will die because of superspace in the Sun.Human civilization will cease to exist after 750 years. This assured the research staff at Harvard University. Astronomer Abraham Loeb from Harvard University and his colleague Manasvi Lingam estimated time when the Sun breaks out devastating for human civilization, the …

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The death of mankind

The end of human epoch can occur in a period of 100 to 500 years. A former astrophysicist at the University of Arkansas Daniel Witmer believes that mankind can live on Earth their last century. The end of his era may be 100-500 years. The full study was published in …

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Stephen Hawking has predicted the death of all mankind

Famous scientist predicts the transformation of the Earth into a boiling ocean.A distinguished British scientist, science popularizer Stephen Hawking has shared far not the most iridescent prospects, which threaten the population of the Earth in the future. According to his hypothesis, the planet needs to turn into some sort of …

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