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Another bonkers billionaire plans to save mankind, but this woke city of Telosa sounds more like a socialist hell than utopia

There’s nothing creepier than some oddball billionaire planning to build his own utopia where everything’s eco-perfect, life’s a breeze and everyone lives forever, like some ‘Stepford Wives’ meets ‘The Truman Show’ meets ‘Citizen Kane’ hell on Earth. For the truly weird mega-wealthy nerds, like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the …

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Mankind has entered a new era

The international Commission on stratigraphy approved the new era.The international Commission on stratigraphy officially announced a new era – Meghalaya era, which began 4200 years ago and continues to this day. Meghalaya era began with a global drought, which destroyed several ancient civilizations from Egypt to China. The idea Meghalaya …

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Scientists have named a new threat to mankind

Increase humidity – dangers for the future of the planet. American climate scientists after conducting global research, including using computer modelling, stated that the real danger for the future of the Earth. The threat is increasing with each passing decade, the humidity. According to the calculations of researchers, the increase …

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Scientists called unexpected danger to mankind

Scientists believe that the development of technology will lead to the destruction of humanityAmerican scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) believe that the development of robots will soon cease. According to a leading expert, Joseph Browns, the Japanese in 2019, will create a unique system of self-training and …

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Became known why volcanoes are dangerous for mankind

Scientists came to the conclusion about the possibility of a volcanic Apocalypse. British researchers said that the volcanoes are more dangerous to humanity than previously thought, and that volcanic Apocalypse is real. During the latest experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion about the possibility of a volcanic Apocalypse. UK …

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The most amazing banknote in the history of mankind. Photo

They deserve the attention of historians. Banknotes from different eras – a real treasure for historical. Banknotes of the concentration camp (Czech Republic) These notes Nazis created for walking in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, located in the former garrison town of Terezin in the Czech Republic, on the banks of …

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