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EU looked at ‘importing 70 million Africans’ by 2035, says German MEP Gunnar Beck, denouncing ‘disastrous’ new migration pact

As Germany’s ‘super election year’ focuses on the state of Saxony-Anhalt this Sunday, the disruptors in the nation’s biggest opposition party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), are poised for a shock win as its anti-immigration message resonates in the heartlands of former East Germany. Sitting top of the most recent INSA …

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How it really looked like Moscow under Stalin

So, friends — today will be a very interesting post about how actually looked like Moscow under Stalin. In the comments to my yesterday’s post about what a poor legacy left after Stalin, some readers wrote comments like “well, it’s a province! But Moscow was sucking money from the regions …

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The Russian market looked pessimistic

The Association of European businesses (AEB) has lowered its forecast of sales of new passenger and light commercial (LCV) cars in Russia to 2019 from 1.87 million to 1.76 million units. The previous forecast assumed growth rate compared to the previous year by 3.9%, now expected to decline by 2.2%, …

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Looked like Cameron Diaz in his youth. Photo

Cameron Diaz – beauty of Hollywood. She is feminine, charming and funny. 46 years old, but she has not lost her sexuality and her girlish playfulness. The actress was born August 30, 1972 in the family of the oilman and the agent import-export business. In childhood, Diaz was a Tomboy, …

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It looked like the cover of Yugoslav records. Photo

These plates were produced in the 70-ies. Gidroperitny blonde Fox tails, languid women in leopard costumes among birches, shocking men with red hair and solid uncles in horn-rimmed glasses. No, it’s not a bunch of freaks at the next Comic Con. It’s just album covers from different artists and groups …

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It looked like the Wild West 150 years ago. Photo

A selection of archival images. Thanks to the westerns, the Wild West seems to be full of romance and associated with cowboys, Mustangs faithful, and smart colts. Wild West is the name of the area in the years 1860-1890, located in present-day American States of Montana, new Mexico, Colorado, Texas …

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